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I’m just a guy who loves taking photos.

I’m not quite sure why.

Perhaps it’s a need to create. Perhaps I just find cameras fascinating. Or perhaps it’s the 5 minutes of light-headedness and pacing around while staring at my screen from all angles whenever I think I’ve made a nice photo.

One thing’s certain—when I have a camera in my hands, I’m totally focused (no pun intended). I’m always on the lookout for genuine and emotional moments.

People fascinate me. I’m always observing—even without a camera. The way your body leans, how you hold your hands, the look in your eyes, micro facial expressions. They reveal so much.

When you trust me with your special day, you entrust me with your memories. All I hope is that my photos can take you back in time.

And perhaps it’s the hope that something I’ve created, will matter, to no matter how few.